We are partnering with the community to raise money to feed children. When you buy one of these item 100% of the money goes to the charity.

Beacon of Light Duffle Bag, Durham.

Given to feed the hungry children will be a mood booster. It can make you more fulfilled that you are helping a hungry child. Research has identified a link between a donation to charity can register pleasure. 42% identified that they give to help the needy because of the pure joy. People give to charity to strengthen their personal value. Having the power to improve another person’s life is a privileges’ most people take serious. When we buy any Beacon of Light accessories, we will donate 100% to the charity. To help in this effort we have partnered with Print fill to help in making these accessories to the best standard. When we donate to charity we teach our children the importance of generosity. It shows kids that they can make a difference. Giving encourages others to give. Family giving averts a bond and help build relationships.

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