Instant Cash Flow

Turn your Hobby into Cash

You can make fortune doing what you love. Mrs. Field’s cookies started because Mrs. Field’s liked to make cookies. Many hubbies have turn into a career. What do you love to do? What ever it is people need it. People will pay for it. Are you good with computer? You will never run out of people wanting your help. To get started, simply put out a local ad or tell your friends and family that you are selling your homemade pie with gluten free crust that are die for and you phone will be ringing constantly.


Consulting is the way of the world. Utilize your years of professional experiences and sell your services as a consultant. You could ever possibly make 10K a day. When time gets tough, many companies are not hiring employees. but they will hire shot term consultant.

Multi-Level Marketing

Is there a product that use and love? Make money with it. How it works. Multi-level or network marketing compensates you for the product you sell and for the sales of others that you have introduced to the company. You are independent distributor and you build a customer base. They buy from you, you get a cut from the company. You also have a “down line” of other independent distributors that you brought into the MLM. When they make a sale, you get a piece of that too. Think of all the health supplements, vitamin supplements, educational eBooks, organic foods etc.

After School Care

This could be a gold mine. Working parents need to work at least 5 pm. School gets out around 3pm. Having a place for the kids in those hours is of utmost importance. Many schools offer after-school care, but many kids want out of school by the time the bell rings. If you like school age children, this is an ideal gig. It is just a few hours, but you are offering a service that is priceless to parents. In any economy, there is always a service in demand. You can ever start a professional childcare center.

Car for Hire

You can become a driver to a medical appointments. People always need reliable transportation. The possibilities are end less. Older school children may ride the bus home but need a ride to soccer practice, dance lessons or orthodontist appointments. Elderly people need a ride to a doctor appointments or to the grocery store or the beauty salon. You can offer your service as a shuttle service to the airport.

Personal Assistant

It is not just Hollywood movies stars who have personal assistance. Normal people do too. Running a household takes time and many working people do not take care of details and do not have the time to do it all. If you like to take care of details and do what you already know how to do in your own life, helping someone out leads to a big bucks. Ordinary task like light housekeeping, laundry, running errand, being there for the plumber, etc.


Every old is new again. Calligraphy is in demand. It does not matter what the economy is doing. People will still fall in love and there will be weddings. Those young brides in fact brides of all ages have renewed interest in calligraphy. You can take a quick one-session course to learn how to write beautiful lettering and you can get paid handsomely for such services. Wedding are year round, and people now will hire some one to do their holiday card as well.


You do not have to be a teacher or have any kind of degree to be a tutor. You just need to know math or science or reading or what ever subject, and have the patience to help a student. Kids who need reading help struggle in all subjects and most parents are delighted to find a good tutor to help with reading skills. Good tutors are always in demand.

Transportation Servies

Transcription service is the process of typing up notes made from records. You listen, you type. You do it from home so if you want from midnight until 4 am you can. The beauty of all these types of services described here are that they are on your hours, your terms. There are four major markets: business, medical, legal, and professional. The projects are varied: books reports, and doctorial dissertation, grants proposals, course outlines, menu for eating places, consultant’s reports, mailing list, brochures, correspondence, etc.

Medical Transcript

A medical transcriptionist transcribes medical records from dictation: letter, patients histories, physicals, progress report and charts notes. The American Association for Medical Transcript states that the medical transcription business is a $50 billion industry. Maybe you would like to be a part of that $50 billion industry. You can take a home-study course or classroom training in a vocational or technical school. These schools will usually help you set up your first client. You can also cheek out internet sites that contract medical clients


Aromatherapy is the practice of using aromatic oil to rejuvenate a person or yourself or to calm or create ambiance based upon the aroma. This is big business all over the world today. Massage therapists use different scents with their clients. Everything from hand lotion to shower get to body wash is all aromatherapy now. According to the National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy, the art and science of using aromas is a $300 million a year business. For more information, go online to the National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy at

Massage Therapist

One business that is booming is massage therapist. People need relaxation and nothing compares to a good message. To become licensed you simply enroll in the course at your local community college. As part of license requirements, you give massages at a discount. This is great way to meet people and build up a client base. As soon as you complete the training and get your license, you can charge full price. There are many holistic health centers that offer room for therapists so you do not even have to invest in your own message table or space. You should be able to find one in your local community. If not, start one.

Freelance Writer

People in all professions need someone to write for them. If you like to write, you can write brochures, articles, advertising, manuals, and any other type of writing that you enjoy and that is in demand. Some writing projects pay by the hours, but most pay by the number of words or the number of pages. If your day job is a computer programmer, you can write for trade or technical journals, you can write for trade or technical journals on the latest trends or products The best resource is the “writer market” published yearly, its lists all publishers and literary agents, and their requirement.

Online Research

Maybe you do not like to write, but you do enjoy research. You can get paid for it. If you enjoy googling, there are companies and individuals who need someone to do the time consuming task or research. Some local courthouse will hire freelance to do research.

Pet Sitting

Taking care of the pets when the owner is away is one of the most popular pet-based business today. Animal lovers prefer their pets to be home where the surrounding are safe and secure, instead of being board at the kennel with stranger or sick animals. Some people wants a pet sitter not only when they are away, but during the day when they are at work, and at home pet sitter for the pooch.

Pet Care

If you are an animal lover, take your passion and turn it into cash. The economy isn’t affecting how people love their pet. Get serious and be the Dog Walker in your town. If you choose to whisper, that is entirely up to you. Many working people do not get home to exercise their dogs and will pay good money for someone to take the dog for a daily work.

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