“The evil that men do lives after them……..”~ Mark Anthony in William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar

The Biafran affairs has been established in Heaven.

Radio Biafra Freedom

Arewa Janjaweed Northern Nigeria do not understand the mess they are in. I cursed them many years ago that God will visit every horrible deed they inflicted on Biafrans on their own children and they thought it was a joke.

Today they have IDP camps in the north the same way we had REFUGEE camps in Biafraland. As they massacred Biafran men, women, children so are their children being killed today by those they imported from the Sahel to conquer the south. The same reign of terror they inflicted on Biafrans for nearly 4 years is the same rampant life consuming insecurity they are now doomed to endure across the core north.

Nothing and I repeat nothing will save the great Zoo #Nigeria from imminent collapse. What Fulani Janjaweed has brought upon #Nigeria and Nigerians is worse than the worst tsunami. They are about to witness the shock of their…

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