Breaking the Stronghood

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Generational Wealth through the “Court of Heaven” #generationalwealth. Break any strong hold in your life and live the life God prepared for you. Jesus died for us so that we can achieve our destiny by pleading his blood. Sometime you have to attend the Court of Heaven so many times. Just like our local court, sometime you case go from district court to another court. The court of Heaven is the same way.

I will recommend anybody from India to take COVID-19 to court of Heaven. I have dome Court of Heaven to the countries that I have linage. Any body that is born in India, or have any blood relation should pray for what is happening in India.

April 26, 2021

Update April 27, 2021.

We can present any case in the court of Heaven. There is no barrier or any limit to what can be done in the court of Heaven. Let me kind of bring something into perspective here. If your city, county, community is going through bad time you can present that case to the court of Heaven. That include COVID-19, and any calamity. The only requirement is that you first present your own case. If your family member is not doing well you can also percent. The second requirement is that you ask that your generational bloodline is cleansed. Let me give you one instance about South Africa. In South Africa before they pray for you, they will first cleanse your bloodline. Let me give you another instances that I picked up from Robert Henderson. I encourage you to watch some of his You Tube video. One of Robert Henderson son was not doing well. He was cut up with what I will describe as cross culture. You know when somebody join his friends in drinking or smoking and sometime will not come home. That was the route his son was going. Make the long story he took him to Court of Heaven, and that his son is now assistance pastor. Before taking him to Court of Heaven, he has prayed, day and night without answer. If you have been prayer, and it is still not working take it to Court of Heaven and see a quick turn around. You have to believe in the only son of God, Jesus and the “Holy Bible”.

Note: We narrate some mysteries of prayer, sometime in different religion. This mystery is the works of God according to the Holy Bible. All information are based in the Holy Bible.

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